Thursday, May 7, 2009


things that I do not like:
Studying for finals
Studying for finals on my anniversary
studying for finals on my anniversary by myself because my wife knows I wont actually study or let her study if she is in the room with me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wives and elbows

I just found out recently that my elbows do not open all the way, while one arm appears almost strait, the other has a definite bend in it.

The fact that this had to be pointed out to me and in no way changes my life or what I can do with my life is completely irrelevant to me. I am obsessed with my newly-realized-not-fully-extended elbows. Despite the fact that I have done nothing to remedy the bent elbow problem, I constantly find myself staring in the mirror, extending my arms – its 3:15 I wonder if it is strait yet, hmm… 4:07 it must be strait by now… what about now?, no? how about now? I check the degree of bendiness a billion times a day, looking for any sign that my arm has auto-corrected itself.

I have limited asking Amy to sum up the status of the bend in my arm to a mere 1-2 dozen times a day – apparently its annoying to be interrupted while studying for your finals in the few free hours you have available a day, to look at your wife’s elbow. Still, it doesn’t stop me from asking, which doesn’t stop her from sighing deeply and saying no – it is not any more strait than it was an hour ago...until last night – when she said that it did look more strait – only it wasn’t - and even though I know it was not more strait last night at 11pm than it was when I asked at 9:12pm, the suggestion that there just might be no bend in my arm caused the last bit of logic I had to scuttle away as I was left wondering if perhaps my arms might extend fully, prompting me to check not 1 billion times - but 2 billion times...