Thursday, May 7, 2009


things that I do not like:
Studying for finals
Studying for finals on my anniversary
studying for finals on my anniversary by myself because my wife knows I wont actually study or let her study if she is in the room with me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wives and elbows

I just found out recently that my elbows do not open all the way, while one arm appears almost strait, the other has a definite bend in it.

The fact that this had to be pointed out to me and in no way changes my life or what I can do with my life is completely irrelevant to me. I am obsessed with my newly-realized-not-fully-extended elbows. Despite the fact that I have done nothing to remedy the bent elbow problem, I constantly find myself staring in the mirror, extending my arms – its 3:15 I wonder if it is strait yet, hmm… 4:07 it must be strait by now… what about now?, no? how about now? I check the degree of bendiness a billion times a day, looking for any sign that my arm has auto-corrected itself.

I have limited asking Amy to sum up the status of the bend in my arm to a mere 1-2 dozen times a day – apparently its annoying to be interrupted while studying for your finals in the few free hours you have available a day, to look at your wife’s elbow. Still, it doesn’t stop me from asking, which doesn’t stop her from sighing deeply and saying no – it is not any more strait than it was an hour ago...until last night – when she said that it did look more strait – only it wasn’t - and even though I know it was not more strait last night at 11pm than it was when I asked at 9:12pm, the suggestion that there just might be no bend in my arm caused the last bit of logic I had to scuttle away as I was left wondering if perhaps my arms might extend fully, prompting me to check not 1 billion times - but 2 billion times...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hell has frozen over

Yesterday it was 76 degrees - today, it snowed.

Our roof is currently shining bright white, this is an odd sight for us - partially because our shingles are in fact brown, not white - partially because I can count on one hand the amount of times it has snowed here, but more than anything its an odd sight because we have the only white roof on the block -Now it is possible all the snowflakes traveled to our roof because they simply like us better, but the more realistic possibility is that all the other roofs on the block belong to houses that have heaters blowing hot air, while our heater insists on blowing cold air.

The novelty of it all was quite endearing - we took too-dark-to-see-anything photos, caught a snowflake or two on our tongues and launched an arsenal of snowballs at our unsuspecting eldest child - fun was had by all - until reality set in...we don't own warm hats, toasty gloves or coats that are suitable for sustaining sub 50 degree temperatures for more than 15 minutes, I do own a scarf, and it is not coming off my neck until Sunday, when it is reported to get back up to the mid 70's !

Friday, December 5, 2008

ice and relativity

Our house is old, very, very old - as are the windows...the insulation is non-existent, the chill is never ending. Outside it is freezing, and so it is inside as well. I am sitting under the heating vent with the cold air falling down on me, yes - COLD air. Our heater blows cold air, yet we keep in on because the cold air coming from the heater is still warmer than the cold air seeping through the very very old windows. The bedrooms in the house are even more cold than the common rooms, so tonight I am charged with staying up while the tiny space heater removes an even tinier fraction of the chill from the children's rooms. Everyone is sleeping peacefully in their warm beds under their (three) extra warm comforters, I have an instinctual need to scream "NOT FAIR", but it will have to wait until spring when my vocal chords have defrosted.

I am aware that most of the world gets much colder then it does here in Texas, but in my own defense, really - it's all relative

Saturday, September 27, 2008

will the tears ever end

on day 15 at 8:15pm we came home to every light in the house on...ON!!!!! After pluging in every electricity consuming product the crying and hot baths commenced!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

thanks to the left - day 13

Two blocks from my house there is a pole that snapped in half, the upper portion lay on the sidewalk, the transformer is busted into a dozen pieces, some in the street some not, and blocks of power line are sprawled around the ground. Across the street from me is a long row of houses with their porch lights on - the street is still dimly lit as most of the street lights did not survive ike - to the left of me, on my side of the street is another row of porch lights, on my porch there is me, with a flashlight perched between my neck and cheek trying to get some schoolwork done, inside my wife is writting a paper by lantern light. It just so happens that the snapped pole two blocks from my house is the supplier of my electricity, it also just so happens that my house is the cutoff point. We, and about 4 other houses are the only ones ok the block without power, our estimated day is Sunday , but word is it could be longer. Things have improved, even though there is not an active power line connected to our house, there are 2 long extension cords coming from the left. We are now the proud owners of a powered fridge and 2 much needed fans. From time to time you might also spot a charging iPod or MacBook pro. There is still no cable or Internet on my block, but there is the occassional hot shower thanks to the left. Unfortunately shower time has moved to 6pm. Since there is no Internet Amy and I have begun alternating days spent at the public library studying - which is no place for our beloved monster child - so our time together is fewer and our hot shower chances are more seldom, but the kids are clean, so..whatever. I have been imagining our entire family cramped around our 5" black and white battery operated tv all week watching the presidential debate Friday, that has been the light at the end of my tunnel, I don't have much faith we will have power by then and so badly need something to look forward to, with that possibly being cancelled I mayl owe everyone a blanket apology for my bitterness from now until two blocks down there is an errect pole with a transformer in one piece and lines tightly buckled down to it...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

day 11

We are on day 11 without power. According to the energy company we should of had power no later than this coming Thursday , I thought that was unreasonable until today when it was moved to this coming Sunday . We could get power before then, but with no trucks in sight it looks doubtful. I know there are worse things, really,I do... But that is little consolation... I want a hot shower, I want to cook a meal inside the house, I want to get dressed for work without a flashlight... I want CNN!!! My mood is poor. I fear my children are melting as they sleep. I am a little bitter that my wife is not as bitter as I am, she is better in these situations- she is better in almost all situations than I am. I am resisting the urge to cry as I try to build up the strength to take another ice cold shower in the dark and study by flashlight. Bleh!