Monday, August 25, 2008


...coming soon

some things just get bigger with time

There was a pop, an ever so slight one. There was ignoring, it wasn't that difficult to ignore. The occasional pain was felt, nothing too dramatic, definitely not a pain worth mentioning. Then there was the odd sensation that two parts of skin that shouldn't touch, were touching. A glance down revealed a swelling. Although I remember the pop quite well, I certainly don't remember it being worthy of swelling. Now the ignoring is getting more difficult, as the occasional pain has turned into a constant annoyance and a less than occasional pain. The was a decrease in swelling at night, now there is, I have one good ankle - and one not-so-good kankle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bad photos, little to say

Instead of writing, I have been avoiding. In my avoidence I have been clicking away taking one bad photo after another with my trusty iPhone. The words will be minimul, the photos will be less than great quality - I will return with more words and photos of not so less than great quality when I am done avoiding.

Kahlo has begun climbing up the couch - this entire process takes less than 2 seconds - which also happens to be less than the amount of time it takes for me to whirl around and catch her...I am proud to report there have been no falls yet, largely due to the fact she refuses to come off of the couch by herself - as a side note: I did not mean to make these photos are so darn small...

Pi has taken to commodering my phone and taking many many many blury pics of his little sister, consequently I have taken to deleting many many blury pics of his baby sister...

Pi playing with Kahlo, hiding under her high chair.

Kahlo learned to clap this week - here she is clapping that she has found a new favorite hiding place - the bathroom closet...

Kahlo not screaming in the car note: the car was not moving.

Kahlo being cute in pigtails. Note: It has been brought to our attention that she is "shooting the finger" I think this is not intentional.

Amy's birthday morning. Kahlo and her new love of straws.

Kahlo continuing her love for straws

My birthday, complete with 33 reasons why Amy and the kids love me. One of my favorites "You have really cool hair" Love runs deep.