Monday, August 25, 2008

some things just get bigger with time

There was a pop, an ever so slight one. There was ignoring, it wasn't that difficult to ignore. The occasional pain was felt, nothing too dramatic, definitely not a pain worth mentioning. Then there was the odd sensation that two parts of skin that shouldn't touch, were touching. A glance down revealed a swelling. Although I remember the pop quite well, I certainly don't remember it being worthy of swelling. Now the ignoring is getting more difficult, as the occasional pain has turned into a constant annoyance and a less than occasional pain. The was a decrease in swelling at night, now there is, I have one good ankle - and one not-so-good kankle.


Amy said...

you would have tortured me by submerging my ankle in a tub of ice and then you would have forced me to go to the doctor. when i tried to do those things... let's just say you are stubborn, woman. stubborn, i say.

K said...

so uumm how did this happen- and ms. stubborn...i'm with amy on this one....details please...feel better