Tuesday, September 23, 2008

day 11

We are on day 11 without power. According to the energy company we should of had power no later than this coming Thursday , I thought that was unreasonable until today when it was moved to this coming Sunday . We could get power before then, but with no trucks in sight it looks doubtful. I know there are worse things, really,I do... But that is little consolation... I want a hot shower, I want to cook a meal inside the house, I want to get dressed for work without a flashlight... I want CNN!!! My mood is poor. I fear my children are melting as they sleep. I am a little bitter that my wife is not as bitter as I am, she is better in these situations- she is better in almost all situations than I am. I am resisting the urge to cry as I try to build up the strength to take another ice cold shower in the dark and study by flashlight. Bleh!

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vikki said...

Oh my god. I feel like crying! I require a good shower in the morning to make the world right. I hope your power comes back soon.