Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 days of us

Pi: I dont feel well

Me: That sucks

Pi: I still dont feel well

Amy: Lets go to the Doctor

Doctor: Its just allergies, your fine

Me: Cool

News: Theres a hurricane coming, run, hide, panic

Me: that sucks, I think my allergies are acting up

Me: I dont feel well

Amy: Sorry

News: Hurricane is going to Corpus, dont panic

Me: I really dont feel well

Amy: damn, the baby has 102 fever

Me: but I really really dont feel well

Amy: Damn, Damn

News: Hurricane is going to Mexico

Me: I cant lift my head, I dont feel well

Amy: The baby is sick

Me: Lets go buy our new Mac Book Pro

Amy: You are sick, the baby is sick, I dont feel well

Me: If we leave now, we can be back in time for the football games

Amy: damn

News: Hurricane is going to Corpus

Me: My new Mac Book Pro rocks, I think I have Bronchitus or Pnuemonia

Amy: I made you a Doctor appointment

Doctor: You have bronchitus on the verge of pnuemonia - take these meds

Me: that sucks

Pi: I feel great

Baby: I feel better

Amy: I dont feel so great

News: Hurricane is coming somewhere to the Gulf Coast

Me: cant work, cant clean, cant cook, cant take care of re-sick baby or sick wife, must rest

Amy: damn, that sucks

News: Large hurricane is going to Matagorda Bay

Mom: I am under evacuation

Me: whatever, I'm sick, come to my house

Me: I cant work another minute, too sick, coming home, not going to help with anything

Amy: You suck, I dont feel well

News: Hurricane may go to houston

Mom: I am still under evacuation

Me: Come to my house, Its been here 100 years, fyi I cant breath

Amy: I dont have time for a hurricane, damn

Me: I feel a little better

Amy: I am taking the baby to her 1 year checkup

Doctor: She has allergies, she is not sick...oh, and she is tall

Boss: Hurricane is coming, big, leave now and dont come back until monday

Me: score

Amy: score, you can run pre-hurricane errands with me

Mom: I am here, the hurricanes coming

Kids: We dont have school tomorrow!!!

Me: Grocery store sucks

Amy: gas station sucks

Me: Pet store sucks

Amy: Emergency preparedness sucks

Me: Coffee shop not so sucky

Me: More emergency preparedness is sucky sucky

Amy: worst case scenario planning sucks

Me: Must wake up early, much to do

Amy: Must stay up late, test due

News: Hurricane may go over your house, but may not be as bad as previously stated, but panic anyway

Baby: sleeping

Pi: sleeping

BT: sleeping

Mom: sleeping

Moms dogs: sleeping

Our dog: sleeping

Me: this sucks

Amy: damn damn damn


Amy said...

Is it good or bad that our life can be summed up so easily? Write more.

vikki said...

I'm exhausted from reading it so I know you all must be from living it.