Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tonight is one of my designated study nights. Quiet room, soft lighting, no cleaning, no cooking, no distractions, no responsibilities. I need this night...I am already behind, so so behind. But I am also a woman obsessed. I have a deep obsession with current events. I read the paper (more accurately several papers)several times a day. If more than a few hours goes by without being able to peak at a headline I suffer deep withdraws, very very deep.

My obsession with politics runs even deeper. Election day is one of my favorite holidays. Good political banter can make me giddy with joy, I am not a giddy person.

Tonight I watched the RNC. The most intellectual recap I can offer...sad, so very very.


Amy said...

Palin's clear inexperience in handling even her own state's budget and her over-excitement to offer up her state's land for oil reminds me particularly of Bush, just in a skirt. I am ashamed. I cannot even imagine how we look to other countries. What an insult to politically driven women everywhere that a woman who had to inquire what a VP does might be our first female VP.

vikki said...

It is all very sad and frightening. The hardest thing for me is that 50% of this country will gladly eat up what Sarah Palin is serving.