Monday, July 14, 2008

love, more and less

I love my children...LOVE them. They bring joy and happiness to me in a way I never imagined before them. They make me smile. They give my life a purpose. They have given me insight that without them I would never have. Insight such as, I suck at Dance Dance Revolution, something I didnt know until Saturday evening. Or insight into the fact that just because you can hit an actual baseball does not mean you can hit a Wii baseball, something that I have known since last Christmas. They have devouted hours of their time cluing me in on what books an almost 13 year old girl must have and the importance of baseball cards. Through my children I have learned that I love my children more than I love coffee in the morning, something I not only cherish, but require for survival.

Admittedly, if I was actually faced with giving up coffee in the morning for my children I would be bitter, very very bitter.

I would also give up coffee in the morning for my wife, however I would not be bitter. The reason is simple. I love her more. And the reasons why I love her more are simple as well...

1. She never wakes me up in the middle of the night screaming for a bottle.
2. She couldnt beat me at Dance Dance Revolution if she tried.
3. Her kisses do not consist of slimy bites to the cheek.
4. She is not teething.
5. She does not love love love the color purple and therefor have to point out everything purple.
6. She doesnt show she is disgruntled by continuously stating "uhhhhaaaaa"
7. She doesnt talk about sports for hours and hours and hours and make me look at every single baseball card ever made.
8. She can summarize a move in less time than it takes to watch the movie.
9. She does not ask whats for dinner 7 times in 30 minutes and still not know the answer.
10. She knows that when I was a little girl the automobile AND color tv had already been invented.


vikki said...

I've never played Dance Dance Revolution. I would be pretty hopeless but, lately, I've played a bit of Guitar Hero and I rock! :)

Amy said...

Before we hooked up and I was the defensive end on our women's football team and you played the safety position behind me, I NEVER imagined that you would dance around on a mat to "Where's your head at." You were far too cool and smooth for something like that. I just felt lucky when you talked to me. But now you are different. And now you have boobs.