Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hell has frozen over

Yesterday it was 76 degrees - today, it snowed.

Our roof is currently shining bright white, this is an odd sight for us - partially because our shingles are in fact brown, not white - partially because I can count on one hand the amount of times it has snowed here, but more than anything its an odd sight because we have the only white roof on the block -Now it is possible all the snowflakes traveled to our roof because they simply like us better, but the more realistic possibility is that all the other roofs on the block belong to houses that have heaters blowing hot air, while our heater insists on blowing cold air.

The novelty of it all was quite endearing - we took too-dark-to-see-anything photos, caught a snowflake or two on our tongues and launched an arsenal of snowballs at our unsuspecting eldest child - fun was had by all - until reality set in...we don't own warm hats, toasty gloves or coats that are suitable for sustaining sub 50 degree temperatures for more than 15 minutes, I do own a scarf, and it is not coming off my neck until Sunday, when it is reported to get back up to the mid 70's !


vikki said...

Some advice from the frosty don't need the hats. It was 4 degrees F here yesterday and I didn't wear a hat. It builds character. ha ha.

Amy said...

Here is your damn comment. I hope you are damn happy.

Oh. And do you mean our black roof or our brown roof? Because I think it can be described NOW as either of those colors.

Galliena Gornet said...

Yikes! That was COLD! I usually really like winter and snow, but not when it’s really cold! Maybe the reason the snow didn’t stick to other roofs has something to do with what material those roofs are made of, as opposed to yours. Snow doesn’t stick to metal roofs, which some people in your neighborhood might have. Would you know what material your roof is made of?