Wednesday, April 9, 2008

momma and baby

As promised...On Sunday I took over all baby duties and Amy got some much needed rest.

Our day began as follows


Amy: Are you really going to let me sleep in?

Me: [in a deep coma-like stupor] uhmmhmmm

Amy: Then why are you sleeping?

Me: [vague sounds of a wailing baby begin to find their way to my ears] I'm up!!!!

within the first 2.5 minutes I leap out of bed, use the restroom, change a diaper, make a bottle, grab my blanket and pillow and small child...and we journey to the living room to begin our day...

This is a pictorial essay of our morning...

we stumble into the living room suck down a bottle and play for hours [I spent my early morning still in a stupor, getting slapped by the occasional stray ball or baby foot]

Kahlo slept for about half an hour...I dont have a picture of this as I was trying my best to sleep AND stay alert. [hardwood floors do NOT make for a comfortable nap]

I got dressed for my day...[Kahlo watched from the bathroom floor]

We [she] ate

She fed herself

Let the dog out [after she begs and begs and begs then does the pee pee dance]

Boiled water

Made bottles

Packed diaper bag

Went to the grocery store for ingredients to mommies favorite meal

Got take out of mommies favorite brunch

woke mommy and wowed her with our productivity [10:30am]

for the purpose of NOT being repetitive I left out feedings and diaper changes (1 poopie and 3 wet]

As a side note: Amy was very impressed with all that I had gotten accomplished [until she walked out of the bedroom and found toys scattered, baby food all over the kitchen, dirty clothes in the bathroom, formula spilled on the counter...]


kris said...

i love it- i so remember those days! actually felt achy and tired just reading it...:)

Amy said...

waking up to strawberries romanoff after ten hours of sleep is still not as wonderful as you.

Robbie said...

Sometimes the best intentions lead to the biggest messes. :)