Friday, April 18, 2008

Toys for Monkey

I get ideas in my head...too many ideas. I tend to think I can do anything, or at the very least that I can make anything. If you couple the fact that I think I can make anything with the fact that I love to make just about everything you have an endless supply of projects and to-do lists. So, when I found myself browsing for new toys that Kahlo just "must have" (which really means that I must have for her) the thought came accross my mind to make her some toys myself. So I did. I spent last weekend, not working, not studying, not going to class, not cooking, not cleaning, not being productive in any way what-so-ever...BUT instead of all those (not nearly as fun) things, I found myself, cutting and sanding wood and painting my very own designs onto blocks. Although they did not come out perfect... they did come out - I now have a little more of an idea on how I can make them even better next time!

here they are...







All mixed together.


Robbie said...

Sign me up for a set of those. What's next in the toy box?

kris said...

these are awesome Vada- i wanna help!!

Amy said...

look what you can do!

vikki said...

They are so cool!