Thursday, May 29, 2008

good conversation with a good person

Amy: [in her - your lack of taking care of yourself worries me voice] Do you still have work clothes for the week, I have'nt been to the dry cleaners in almost 2 weeks.

Me: [ in my - I am playing with our damn cute baby and not really listening voice] I still have one or two things to wear, but I do have a lot of dry cleaning.

Amy: [in her - You silly silly woman what is wrong with you voice] well, baby, why havent you brought them to me?

Me: [in my - I love you more than anything in this world voice] because, baby...its not your job to do my dry cleaning.

Amy: [in her - you did not really just say that did you voice] oh, were you going to drop them off yourself?

Me: [ in my - have you not been paying attention for the last few years voice] no, you always take them.

as a side note... I have not taken my cleaning in - nor have I handed it off to my wife. I am slightly concerned that I may in fact have to go to work naked next week.
Now that I am getting more sleep, I dont really have an excuse for not paying attention to the details - all I can say is, now that I am getting more sleep, I want even MORE sleep and well, I think maybe my brain is only capable of absorbing so many details... and at the moment - I might be chock-full-o details.


Amy said...

I think you should save nudity for casual Friday.

Anonymous said...

Oh hun. My wife and I have this same banter regularly. Just think of it as learning to read each other beyond everything you've learned to expect.

I lovelovelove your blog and am delighted that you two have decided to share. ox