Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day with Sharks

Kahlo hanging out under the umbrella

What a long weekend! Since it was forecast to rain Sunday we decided to celebrate Mothers day at the beach Saturday. Packing up for a day at the beach with 2 kids and a baby is an all-day event within itself. After (what felt like) 3 hours of loading the car – Amy turned to me and said “Do you remember when all we needed were a few snacks, sun block and beach chairs?” She was tired, very tired – it was 10am and she had been up for hours preparing for our day – a day that was to celebrate mothers day – a day she wanted to be perfect for me…I wanted her to know that the kids and I appreciated her, to know that times really haven’t changed all that much…so, I reminded her that back then, when we could go off without any kids, we didn’t just need snacks, sun block and beach chairs- we also needed towels. Then I assured her that if the kids did not have an absolutely amazing time – I would ground them both, until they were very, very old.

Luckily for the kids, they did have an amazing time and Amy got some much needed relaxation. Kahlo and I spent most of our time sitting underneath our umbrella putting every toy she could in her mouth – after about an hour I realized it is pointless obsessing over all the sand – at a beach, no matter how much you try – you will leave with a sandy baby...

playing in the water

Amy, BT and Pi spent most of their time body-boarding, I went out myself once or twice, but after a small shark fin was spotted – I decided better them than me and stayed close to shore. Between getting eaten by a shark (Amy assured me it was only large enough to eat a hand or foot) or playing with the baby, I will ALWAYS pick playing with the baby…

they think they are fish - they never left the water

I am happy to say we made it home without being eaten by a shark.

This morning I woke up to coffee and kids jumping out from behind the table screaming “happy mothers day” – It was wonderful. As a mother’s day gift I got a scroll saw, I have been wanting one for a while.

Amy went out of her way to make this an amazing Mothers Day for me…it was.

Tonight, she was in bed before 7:30pm, it’s the best Mothers Day gift I could think of for her…I know she will wake up the second I climb in bed…I am trying to prolong that as long as possible.


Amy said...

that sleep is the best thing that could have happened to me - you excluded. thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.

K said...

stop it vada- you are making tears in my eyes- but of happieness!!!
i am glad you & Amy had a wonderful mother's day!!