Friday, May 9, 2008

three long weeks

I have returned…after three long, long, long weeks of finals preparation and settling into a new job…Somehow we have endured…I do not know how…

In the last few weeks Kahlo has crawled for the first time, stood without support for the first time and has had 4 teeth come in. Amy and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary and the kids have survived another year of state mandated standardized testing.

Finals ended last weekend – we both entered this week feeling exhausted and renewed. We have been able to spend more time together as a family – giving Amy and I that “oh ya, that’s why we had children, I forgot we liked being parents” moment.

Last night we took the kids to one of our favorite coffee shops. We made up an impromptu game of trivia. The rules – you have to ask a question you don’t think anyone else knows, it has to be about someone in our own family, you have to know the answer. It was a good reminder that children do indeed have small brains.

The questions varied from “what is the first thing mommy would do if she won the Lottery” to “what is BT’s favorite color”… some of the highlights:

“What does mama (me) do at work” answer: “ohhh, ohhh, I know! She plays on the Internet and draw pictures” (ummm…no)

“What does mommy (Amy) do all day while we are at school/work” answer: “she watches movies, checks her e-mail and takes naps” (I think she is still bitter about this one)

“What do you think Kahlo will be when she grows up” answer: “ She likes to bang on things so maybe she’ll be one of those tough chicks that builds houses or something” (Pi is not sure she will be able to get a job because she cries all the time)

“What makes BT more mad than anything else in the world” answer: “mommy”

I have truly missed my family!

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K said...

and ......Happy Mother's Day Ya'll!!!!! yeah why did we procreate????lol...