Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tonight, we decided to rent a movie and eat in front of the TV. By the time we were 11 minutes into the movie, we had already paused it three times.

It was one of those nights you realize life will never be the same. It wasn't a bad night - it was more of a ... "seriously? did she really just get poop ALL over herself and then decide to PEE ON ME!!!! " the answer - why yes she did.

Our 1.5 hour movie lasted about 3 hours. Three hours of pee, poop, bottle, squash, fussy, laughing,babbababababa and finally, with four minutes left...sleep!

a relaxing night watching a movie has turned into a full-blown-amusement-park-style-free-for-all-celebration-of-parenting... not what I had in mind - but fun just the same!!!

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Amy said...

At least the movie was worth it!