Thursday, June 5, 2008

the love between mother and child

My wife does not collect things, she does not hoard stuff. She has no knick-knacks, no must haves. She subscribes to the theory if you have not used something in the last 2 weeks, you do not need it She donates often. when a new toy comes in - an old toy goes out, when a new shirt comes in - an old shirt goes out. She is a minimalist - we are all minimalist by association.

There is a lone exception to this rule...books. Books are to be kept, loved, admired, respected, read and re-read.

Once, while browsing her books, she noticed one was missing. she looked everywhere. She searched. She hunted. She thought and thought. when all possible hiding places were exhausted, she cried. The missing book, was one of her top 20 favorite books. She was sad, very, very sad. And on top of sadness, she was could she have been so careless with a book...

She is not selfish with her books. They are there for all of us to read (as long as they are age appropriate). There are a few rules, no bending the spine back, please dont dog-ear the pages.

Yesterday Kahlo crawled over to the bookcase and pulled out a few books. She began to eat them. I expected Amy to yell no. I expected her to remove Kahlo from the situation. I expected her to cry a little. She didn't.

Instead of being protective she was actually pleased Kahlo had pulled out her favorite book. They were bonded...mommy and daughter had a love for the same literature. They pulled each and every book of the shelf, Amy oohed and aahed all her favorites, Kahlo drooled and bit. It was a beautiful site.

proof of unconditional love.


amy said...

really sweet story (and picture)!

vikki said...

Another amazing picture (and story too).