Friday, June 6, 2008

A letter to Kahlo

Dear Kahlo,

I understand that Mommy is your other parent and as such, you two are extremely close. I understand that she stays home with you everyday while I leave for work. I understand that she changes your diaper more often than I do and that she feeds you, burps you and cuddles with you when ever you need. I understand that Mommy gives you baths and cuts your nails and lets your beautiful curls go wild. I understand that when you wake up at 5am Mommy is always right there to swoop you up. I understand that without mommy I would not have had the love and nurturing required to grow you 10 extra days and a very heavy 8lbs 7oz. I understand that every morning that you were in my belly, she told you she loved you and took the time to explain in what ways you should and should not develop that week. I understand that she has given you her stubborness and independence and that no one can capture the essence of who you are quite like she. I understand your bond, I love your bond.

I understand that Poppie came to see you while you were in my tummy as much as she could. I understand that she bought you the cute little Ani onsie that you looked so damn cute in. I understand that she (her wife also) is the only non immediate family member who saw you when you were minutes old, I understand she loved you instantly. I understand that she took care of your brother and sister so Mommy and I could take care of you the days following your birth. I understand that Poppie was the first person to ever babysit you and that she often offered her services unsolicited. I even understand that you and her share the same eye color...a special bond. I understand your bond, I love your bond.

While I do sincerely understand and respect all of these things, I need you to understand that I too would like to hear your first word.

so...when ever you are ready, I will be walking around the house all weekend dropping everything I can find in anticipation of "uh oh" ...

I love you always, beautiful baby,


Robbie said...

It's very simple. You take me to lunch and I'll let her drop my iced tea spoon...repeatedly. :)

vikki said...

So sweet...