Wednesday, March 5, 2008

6 month Dr Appointment

Kahlo had her 6 month appointment on Monday (I know, today is Wednesday – I am behind). I was not able to go with her, probably for the best – last time she got shots I cried more than she did and her pediatrician had to stop to make sure I was ok… Amy of course, handled it like a pro, keeping steady nerves, cooing at Kahlo when needed and gently swooping her up to console her afterwards - I guess the whole gentle-reassurance-steady-loving-hand is one way to go about it, but personally I prefer the stooping-in-the-corner-bawling-like-a-baby method…

On to the stats… at 6 months she is 18lbs 12oz and 27.5 inches long. She is in the 95% with height and 92% with weight… all and all a big healthy girl!

The Pediatricians Topics for Discussion:

  • Teeth (Kahlo already has 2)
  • Sitting up (A skill she has long mastered – well, not really long, more like a few weeks…)
  • Rolling over (the task is getting her NOT to roll over, rolling over is something she does at will)

She has already made all the milestones that should be expected! Yep, I am good at this baby-thing!

We both love that her pediatrician not only supports our positions on sustainable/organic/environmentally responsible living, but also raises her own children with the same beliefs. She gave us some more advice on making our own baby food and the importance of organics as well as some good brands to use for organic/natural toys.

We ordered some organic seeds and plan to try and raise our own veggies for her baby food. Amy and I both kill all things plant-like – so there are mild concerns about the eat-a-bility of said veggies BUT it will be fun trying.

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