Monday, March 31, 2008

The newness begins to fade

Setting: I am in the bathroom getting dressed for work. It is 6:15a.m.. I hear Kahlo cry, since this is the second time she has woken up in the last hour, I go to the kitchen to make a bottle (so Amy doesn’t have to get out of bed) and take it to Amy. By the time I reach the bedroom Kahlo has stopped crying and Amy and Kahlo are snuggled close in bed sleeping.

Me: Awww…ya’ll are so cute.

Amy: [eyes closed, trying to remain asleep] uhmm,hmmm

Me: did she just need to snuggle?

Amy: [Amy silently wishing I would stop talking] uhmm, hmmm

Me: Do you love sleeping with her in the mornings? [at the exact moment I am asking this question kahlo rolls over and smacks Amy in the nose with her cute little baby fist]

Amy: [slightly irritated that she just got smacked in the face and even more irritated that Kahlo and I are both interrupting her 4 hours of sleep - in the cutest whine you can imagine] uhhh, I’d rather sleep alone!

Note to self: wake up early Sunday morning and take Kahlo to the living room. Amy needs sleep.

1 comment:

Amy said...

hell yes she does. it is now 4:15 AM on Friday morning. You are getting up in one hour and 15 minutes and I have not gone to bed yet.

please and thank you.