Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election Day

Yesterday was election day - an exciting day in our family - Amy even made election day rice krispie treats!

This is the first year our older kids (10&12) have shown much interest, making it even more fun for the two of us...last month we took the kids to the Obama rally, surprising to us, they had a great time (Kahlo slept through the entire event). On the way home they recited many of his points and added what they liked about his ideas.

At school yesterday Pi's 4th grade class voted for president. The tally:
Obama 17
Clinton 3
McCain 0
Huckabee 0

This is what I love about The Heights...there is a noticeable lack of a republican vote... just the thought of all the mini-democrats running about is enough to make me smile, even on this very busy-stress filled day.

Amy early voted, I voted before work yesterday morning. We went together as a family to caucus last night. There was a wonderful and exciting feeling in the air - until we got home and realized Clinton would not only take Ohio but Texas as well...

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