Thursday, March 6, 2008

the world stopped last night

Amy is sick – or she was – she could still be – I am just not sure. But yesterday – she was sick, she said she was not – but she was. She always says she is not sick – right up to the moment she has a 104 fever and can’t lift her head more than 2 inches off the pillow – then she exclaims with shock “I think I’m sick!” Yesterday she was able to lift her head off the pillow – but not for long – the smile was drained from her face, her voice was dull and flat, and she spoke only when spoken to – Amy is sick.

When Amy is sick, our world stops, then it spins out of control – we don’t really know what to do… she does so much – I walk around in circles, knowing I need to do something, but not sure what.

After work I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items to make one of Amy’s top 5 favorite meals – [which she hardly ate – Amy is sick] I got home, checked in on Amy [who told me she was not sick] and started my culinary masterpiece, we ate [she hardly ate] everyone was happy, except the “not sick” woman.

A typical after-dinner conversation goes like this:

Me: I’ll clean up

Her: no, you cook, I clean

Me: you had a hard day, I don’t mind

Her: Vada, you had to work all day, I’ll do it

Our conversation goes on and on like this until I either give in OR we both clean up…

Last night our after-dinner conversation went like this:

Me: I’ll clean up

Her: ok

Amy is sick.

After dinner/cleaning we [Pi, Kahlo and I] were off to basketball practice, where I spent the entire hour dodging flying basketballs. Leaving, we were all proud – Pi had made most of his baskets and I had managed to evade any flying objects…that is until we were mere feet from the door, when a ball came out of nowhere and smacked me right on the nose [about ½ an inch from Kahlo’s face] we all survived…

Back home…

I checked on Amy who was still “not sick” and still in the same position in bed – she did not need anything…

Kahlo fell out instantly – lucky for me. I quickly washed bottles, boiled water, stitched Spot (the stuffed toy dog) back together and began preparing homemade baby-food for the first time. That is a whole story in and of it self – needless to say the squash ended up in the trash can – but the pears made it to the baby cubes.

I checked in on Amy again before going to sleep myself, at that point she was not speaking, only grunting – if I interpreted the grunts correctly she said she is not sick and does not need anything… my interpretation could be wrong – she could have been begging for water – grunts can be hard to decipher…

This morning she said again in her meek , sleepy voice – that she was not sick – she then turned to Kahlo who was stirring and told her it was NOT time to wake up yet … Amy is sick

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Amy said...

You are joy. Pure.