Friday, March 28, 2008

waiting waiting and more waiting

I have not written in about 2 weeks. I have been too busy to write… I have been very very busy waiting… and when you are busy waiting you cannot do things as trivial as writing.

Why have I spent so much time waiting? Simple. Because it’s fun. At first I did not think it was fun, I waited simply because there were things I was waiting on…then I read something with the words “the waiting game”, and I realized waiting was a game and games are fun, therefore waiting must be fun – and since I need more fun in my life, I thought I should spend more time waiting. So I did, and I have.

Things I have been waiting on…

  1. A job offer – I have since stopped waiting on this as I have received a job offer and turned in my resignation at my current job.

  2. To buy a home – I am still waiting on this – but I am no longer waiting on a particular house – with a little effort (or lack of effort) I can keep waiting on this for a year or more…

  3. For Kahlo to end the vicious cycle of teething – at this moment she has 2 full bottom teeth, 1 top tooth that has just broken the gums and 1 top tooth bulging-but has yet to break the surface. She was sweet – now, well, she is still sweet – but more in that monster-nothing-make- me-happy sort of way.

  4. For my oldest daughter to find her brain… yes, she lost her mind. She decided that all rules/morals/values do not apply to those that are 12 and in need of nothing – I have faith that she can find her mind, but since she is prone to laziness I am not sure how long she will look for it. Amy and I have kept our eyes open, but have yet to see it around the house.

  5. I am waiting for my new glasses to come in – this is a short term wait.

  6. I am waiting to find out if my best friend and her wife are pregnant – another short term wait.

  7. I am waiting to gain mathematical intelligence by osmosis – it seems ridiculous to actually study if I can possibly find a way to extract the intelligence from my wife’s brain and place it into mine – my deadline is tomorrow. It’s not looking good.

  8. I am waiting to gain the motivation to paint. I have the need. I have not the motivation. I am simply too tired. There is nothing in this life I would like to do more than sleep.

  9. I am waiting to want to do something more than sleep.

  10. I am waiting for 3:30pm – when I can drive home.

  11. I am waiting for my co-worker to get back from lunch so we can chat more via I.M. (it’s more fun than working).

  12. I am waiting for Kahlo to crawl – she is close, she is on all fours, she is swaying back and forth, she is wanting to move, she is motivated to move – she just cant get that right knee to go forward…stupid knee.

  13. I am waiting for my dog to give herself a bath – we taught the kids – certainly she can learn – it’s not too much to ask…really – I feed her, I water her, I let her out when she wants, I make her bed, I (I being Amy) wash her bed, I provide her with shelter , I give her an unlimited supply of biscuits and greenies, I watch her weight for her– certainly after all this she can bathe herself. Really , Haley – get with the program.

  14. I am waiting for my back/neck/spine to stop hurting – it currently feels as if this wait will last forever.

  15. I am waiting for my wife to realize how much I love her – yes, I am a complicated soul – it’s hard to read my mind [so she says], just read my words [so I say].

  16. I am waiting [I don’t know on what] to hang the new baby swing.

  17. I am waiting (impatiently) to run away with my wife (and only my wife) on a vacation to some random third world country (providing that third world country has ocean access). This may be the hardest to wait on…

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Amy said...

Let's leave the 12 year-old and the dog to each other and focus on #9. Better yet, let's leave them both at #2 while we go do #9 on #17!